Meet Christopher Gibney

Christopher Gibney has been helping people deepen their meditation practice for over 30 years. In his guided meditations he gives you time-tested techniques that open the door to profound new experiences of consciousness.

As a holistic healthcare professional, Christopher has for decades helped his clients stay committed to a daily meditation practice—and now he can help you too. His 'Meditation Beyond Mindfulness' course is designed to make it easy to stick to your own daily practice.

Christopher doesn't ask you to believe in anything—he only asks that you sit quietly and allow yourself to experience another way of being. A way that is guided by your growing intuition, and that finds peace amidst the chaos of life.

Meditation Beyond Mindfulness

✔ Deepen Your Meditation Practice

✔ Get Consistent With Daily Meditations

✔ Guided Meditations On Specific Situations and Topics:

· Serenity In The Storm Of Bad News

· Banish The Fear Of Flying

· Dealing With Difficult People & More...

Testimonials For "Meditation Beyond Mindfulness"

Krista L.

"Chris, I can't thank you enough. Your meditations are amazing. I listen to them all the time, and they calm me down when nothing else can. Since starting with Meditation Beyond Mindfulness, I have noticed a real improvement in my day-to-day state of mind. I would recommend this to everyone!"

Clay R.

"I started using Meditation Beyond Mindulness because I was having trouble staying consistent with my meditation practice. Chris's method really works, and by using his course I was able to build a meditation practice that I actually do every day. Thanks Chris!"

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'Meditation Beyond Mindfulness'


✔ Deepen Your Meditation Practice

✔ Get Consistent With Daily Meditations

✔ No Credit Card Required

✔ Stream Or Download To Your Phone — Listen Anywhere!

Module 1 - Dealing With Difficult People

3 Guided Meditations & 1 Talk - 55 Mins.

Module 2 - Freedom Fear And Anxiety

3 Guided Meditations & 1 Talk - 56 Mins.

3 Guided Meditations & 1 Talk - 54 Mins.

Module 3 - Letting Go Of Baggage

3 Guided Meditations & 1 Talk - 61 Mins.

Module 4 - Discover You Are Loved & Lovable

3 Guided Meditations & 1 Talk - 61 Mins.

Module 5 - Transcend Global Insanity

3 Guided Meditations & 1 Talk - 46 Mins.

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